We are part of the European Cultural Centre network, which since 2002 has been organizing worldwide art exhibitions. In 2011 we started in Venice our Art and Architecture Exhibitions. The even years we organize our Architecture Biennial Exhibition and the other years our Art Biennial. Our 6 months long exhibitions have grown over the years, presenting each year over 200 architects or 200 artists always from at least 40 countries and attracting each year by free entry over 600.000 visitors.

We noticed that many professional visitors are interested not only to see architecture itself but also would like to learn much more about many other aspects; which materials and which items are used to come to the best overall results. Innovations in engineering, new technologies, the use of the latest knowledge and design, the results of many years of research or just brilliant ideas.  The exhibition VENICE DESIGN & INNOVATIONS was created to present quality ideas in Design & Innovations to a large public and in addition to connect international Designers & and creators of Innovations to the market and the public.
VENICE DESIGN & INNOVATIONS can be seen each year from May to November at our ECC centre, Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora located in the centre of Venice, free of charge.

The ECC-Italy in Venice mainly organises contemporary art, architecture and design exhibitions. In addition, we organise symposiums, meetings, workshops, educational programs and many other cultural events. We wish to make it possible for all people to visit our events always free of charge. Our events in Venice are visited by over 600.000 people every year. Since we want to stay as independent and transparent as possible, we choose to finance our activities with the support of those organisations and people who participate in our projects, without the waste of taxpayers' money.

Although the ECC-Italy can make use of many venues in Venice and other Italian cities, the main venues of the ECC-Italy are the Palazzos: Mora, Bembo, Michiel and two public city gardens in the historical centre of Venice.

More information at www.ecc-italy.eu